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of the national days of service events taking place in washington here today on our website at live in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now and >>> jessica doyle is off today but we have the "living $mart" report at 7 after the hour. a deal could be reached by wednesday to sell the washington wizards. the "washington post" reports capitals owner is in negotiations reportedly to buy the team. he was given first right of refusal following the death of abe poland last year. the team is worth $450 million. >>> montgomery county may try to lure costco to wheaton. the council is considering a $4 million deal. it would bring the warehouse retailer to the mall there. costco would replace the hold hects. >>> maryland leaders are down playing a report that bwi martial airport for sale. a department of transportation spokesman says there is no effort to sell the airport. >>> it is 8 after the hour. in four minutes the hero central report. bring you an update on a local literacy program. learn new developments with hortons kids an how we are helping out. right now it is focus on ma
that experience and leadership in there. it will be unbelievable. >> great day in washington redskins history to have coach like coach shanahan. you don't get too many two-time winning coaches on your football team. >> reporter: on the excitement about the new direction for the washington redskins makes me want to buy a jersey. that says a lot for someone who grew up watching the dallas cowboys. if you do it since you are from new orleans, i'll do it. we will join the movement. >> absolutely, when they aren't playing the saints. all right, alex. thank you. how do you think the redskins will fair with their new head coach. are they heading to the play- offs or will it be a sub par season. vote in the poll at he we will check the results at 6:30. >>> jim zorn says he never considered quitting his job. he said the firing is hardest on the family. >> there is a lot of risk involved in being an nfl coach. this is part of the risk. the risk of failure. the risk of having to now go find another opportunity. >> you can watch brett haber's interpreter view at >>> the feds are rep
the way. as we look at realtime graphics. 95 and the baltimore-washington parkway, no problems 32 to the beltway. speaking of 495, here's the live shot here. we were moving well from new hampshire over to georgia. look like the inner loop is fine, as well. in virginia, 66 heading eastbound. things slowing down just a bit between 50 and 123. the beltway in virginia, meanwhile, is moving nicely between 95 up to 66. check out that realtime sensor. the average is 62 miles an hour. that's a quick look at traffic. >>> >> we face big and difficult challenges. what the american people hope, what they deserve, is for all of us, democrats and republicans, to work through our differences, to overcome the numbing weight of our policies. >> reporter: president obama is calling for bipartisan solutions for the economy his first state of the union address. the president focused on the economy in his speech and today he will hit the road to promote new initiatives. tara mergener has more on what the president said and the gop response. >> reporter: president obama's top priority this year is get
is achieving it. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >> the senate has confirmed ben bernanke to a second term as the federal reserve. he faced the stiffest opposition in the 32 years the senate voted on the position. he had become a lightning rod for criticism over wall street bailout but he was able to overcome opposition to win a second term by a vote of 70-30. >>> time for another "living $mart" report and digital correspondent jessica doyle is back with an economic checkup. doctor? >> well, i have to tell you these numbers are almost hard to believe given with what we have soon with the economy. later this morning we will have a reading on the economic growth in the final three months of the year. some are predicting the gross domestic product report will show a red-hot 6%. that's a pace not reached since 2003. you may be asking why and the reason is government stimulus measures and why many analysts are predicting the growth will fade as these programs end. >>> rates on a 30-year mortgage have remained almost flat this week as the federal reserve said it would keep rates near record
of the power outages. one thing it has done, 60 in washington and dulles. cool pot is cumberland at 45. mild morning. the seven-day forecast, right now angie has a lot to tell you about with the wet roads. >> beginning with 95. check out those head lights there. a slow, wet commute from the prince william parkway. watching the drivers hit the road early. if you are traveling southbound on 95. getting word near cardinal drive a lot of high-standing water and reports of a lot of people spinning out. take it slow. other weather-related problems we are tracking. rolling road in virginia still seeing that downed tree. police are diverting traffic there. and reports of downed wires in the area. we are also getting a report there's lights out at the intersection of commerce and back lick. treat it as a four-way stop. great falls where we have two trees in the roadway. taking away roads, as well. we will move outside and show you 270. shake a camera. two hands on the wheel. the drive to the split is filling out between father hurley. tacking on an extra 10 minutes. that delay is growing and wrap wit
have a decent burst of snow going on. you can see live doppler nine thousand in washington the snow is clear of the beltway in to southern prince georges county in too calvert and anne arundel county, over in charles county as we continue to go to the south. one of our new storm reports came in. two inches and still snowing. it has been coming down. annapolis starts to clear out in the next 20 minutes or so. the eastern shore, the white bands from queenstown across the bay to shady side and beale. that's the moderate snow going on. calvert couldn't city snowing at a good clip. plum point, chesapeake beach, badden, waldorf to hughsville seeing it but starting to clear out in charles county. in virginia it's over. mechanicsville to saint leonard and lusby seeing it. jan in reedville said she had two inches and a little rain mixing in down in in the reedville area. back to the weather computer and show you the storm which is pulling away from us. as it does so the winds will shift too the northwest and the cold air is coming in. 20s in the shenandoah valley up to martinsburg and winche
trevino has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the future career of washington's most colorful athlete is uncertain and it's unclear when or if gilbert arenas will return to the verizon center to dazzle fans. it has been his inappropriate attitude in the wake of the allegations that prompted harsh and swift discipline. >> of course it will be hard. that's why we are so upbeat because we know it's out there -- what is out there is way far from the truth. >> we abide by the statement. we can't worry about it. we have to worry about going out and performing with the players that we have. >> reporter: new details surfaced that could put the other player in worse trouble than arenas. "the washington post" reports that while arenas may have laid unloaded guns on the locker of a teammate, two witnesses say that teammate, javaris crittenton responded to arenas by loading a clip of ammunition, and cocking the weapon. arenas promised to take the heat for both players. arenas hopes to meet with david stern soon. he wants to remind the commissioner that he is the kind of person that likes to throw
of washington county. martinburg -- some sleet and freezing rain. upwards of three inches of snow in kaiser. cumberland has frozen precip as well and farther down. a break to the southwest. more rain and freezing rain through wardensville, front royal. pockets of freezing rain and rain. we know also down further south in the shenandoah valley toward harrissonburg we have had freezing rain, as well. as you head east of the blue ridge we are seeing temperatures 33, 34. hopefully we will stay above freezing. on the computer we have an upper level storm across west virginia. that enhances precipitation the next several hours. while there are lulls we are not done yet. looks like it will be mainly wet in the metro. winter weather advisories in affect until 6:00 p.m. getting word of a two hour delay in frederick county, maryland. middletown feeder schools are on a two hour delay. remember updated every two minutes with the delays. we tell you about them as we get them in. to the roads. a water main break has florida avenue closed between west virginia and 11th street. take 8th to k to g
's resolution time and the health and fitness clubs in the washington area and throughout the country are out in full force. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live from northwest washington with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. of course to estimates 45% of americans will make fitness and weight loss their resolution this new year. unfortunately, the statistics show that after a few weeks of those goals begin to fade and after a few months most just don't return. joining us live is bret west, spokesperson for sport and health here on brandy wine in northwest washington. talk to us about tips to stay on track. >> we find -- we find a lot of people come in the new year and want to set up big goals. one of the best things to do is set measurable goals. you don't take a whole piece of bread and stuff it in your mouth, one bite at a time. fitness is the same thing. a little bit at a time and find buddy, a partner to help you keep accountable. we find that you know 12% of people who set a new year's resolution actually accomplish it. i think by setting obtainable
that are about to happen on wall street and many in washington have problems with the system, as well. today the president is about to announce a new tax on the financial firms. details are expected to be spelled out when the president releases his budget next month and congress would have to approve any plan. it could bring in as much as $120 billion. >>> the house is demanding the federal reserve bank of new york turn over correspondence from timothy geithner and other officials. the panel is looking in to the decision that funneled billions of dollars to big banks. geithner was president of at the time. it may be a green christmas for the retailers. the government releases the latest figure on holiday sales and they are expected to show a half percent gain as consumers took advantage of discounts. >>> more development could be coming to one of the region's most densely paneled areas. the montgomery county planning board is expected to vote to end a building moratorium six months after it started. $27million could be spent on new classrooms in chevy chase and parts of germantown served b
but it is a causing a little bit of a jog jam. we have more from a haitian embassy in northwest washington. 4-year-old elaine campbell has seen the devastation in haiti on tv and she had the same reaction as most of us. >> she was watching the earthquake in haiti. she was thinking about it and wants to donate her toys and clothes. >> reporter: elaine is one of the hundreds who spent monday sorting through bags and boxes bound for haiti at a dc warehouse. >> this is something we need to do. this is a day of giving back to the community, dr. martin luther king's birthday. what a better place to be. >> there's blankets, bottled water, clothes, medicine the haiti relief committee says they have been overwhelmed by donations but the trouble now is getting supplies in to a country who's infrastructure has been ravaged by the earthquake. we are reaching out to companies like federal express. this is what they do. u.p.s., fedex. we need your help. >> that was kristin fisher reporting. the greater washington haiti relief committee says right now money is what is most needed. anyone who would like to make a
and that's why he is here in washington. the redskins, that's what they need. someone to lead them all the way to win the super bowl. mike shanahan has two super bowl rings. he is on the brink of accepting his third head coaching position if redskins owner comes to an agreement and does it before another nfl team intercepts. after a disappointing season, squeezing out only four victory, flying shanahan to the capital, signals that sense of urgency that must be in the works. general manager, bruce allen declined to discuss zorn's likely successor, when most knew shanahan was in route to washington. allen did make it clear, they will bring in a true leader. >> we need to find the passionate coach, a winning coach that can come in and lead the men that were in this room earlier. >> he also said, what we are looking for is someone who can lead these men that had in our locker room to levels they haven't played before. >> remember, mike shanahan has $14 million left on his contract with the broncos. he could sit out on the porch this season. that's a possibility, but most believe an agre
reserve had a great 2009. the washington post calculates the fed made $45 billion last year. as efforts to prop up the economy created the biggest wind fall ever for the central bank. the. >>> we told you yesterday that some chinese manufacturers have been using cadmium in place of lead and now wal-mart pulled it off the shelves because of the dangerous metal content. and they have issued stern warnings and investigations have been launched in to the use of the cadmium instead of lead. >> take one thing away and someone will find something more hazardous and cheap to put in their products. >>> we have a bridge to sell you, seriously. the route 545 bridge in childs, maryland. this goes over little elk creek in cecil county. it is falling short of federal regulations. there is a catch. if you buy it you have to move it. so a regulation build can be built in its place. >>> in four minutes, kristin fisher has the hero central report and in ten minutes, work you could turning you in to a couch potato. why being camped in front of the tv isn't the only health danger. >>> right now a focus on
him in for introducing repress conference in washington as early as tomorrow. according to multiple sources, jim zorn is out, shanahan is on the way, and horrible stretch of football is hopefully on the way to an end. live at redskins park, back to you. >> and this is another story we are following later today. gilbert arenas will meet with federal and local investigators. they want to know more about the gun he brought to the locker room and more on what happened inside. he admits bringing it, but says there are misconceptions about a dispute between him and another teammate. he talked about what he expects to happen today. >> i got to put it in their hands, tell them the story. see what they say. >> what's the biggest misconception about this? >> the whole story. bad judgment, having the weapons here, but. >> the family said they will ensure guns are not brought in to verizon center again. >>> four soldiers killed in afghanistan. the explosion happened in the country's southern region. deaths are the first combat related deaths for service members in the new year. >>> five virgini
are gathering in washington today and later this morning they are expected to get a grilling on the hill. top leaders for goldman sachs, j.p. morgan chase and bank of america and others will be questioned about the financial meltdown last year and they want to know why the banks were reluctant to lend to small businesses and homeowners. and will be questioned about the bonuses they are expected to hand out after being given bailout money. the white house is expected to announce tomorrow a new fee on the biggest banks to recover $120 billion. projected revenue is likely to be included in the budget the president will submit next month. some economists warn the bank fees could be passed on to  consumers creating essentially a new tax for consumers. >>> as the banks work out the final numbers beforehanding out massive bonuses this year the fdic is planning to rein in future bonus pay. banks that don't comply will face higher fees. again we get in to that situation, does it get passed on to the consumer. it's the huge deplate bait going on right now. >> the consumers know answer is probably som
to washington today to meet with senate colleagues and the massachusetts delegation. >>> they show up to state dinners uninvited but the infamous party crashers don't want to answer questions. for more than an hour, the salahis used their fifth amendment rights on wednesday. they refused to answer questions from members of the house homeland security committee. a couple's lawyer says his clients did nothing wrong. they are still urn investigation by a federal grand jury. >>> ahead in sports the wizards go for the first three-gym winning streak in two seasons. >>> and a big mack matchup in the big easy. the highlights in four minutes. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. if nothing else, the law of averages suggests that every team should have a three-game win streak once in a while. even if it is a quirk in the schedule that gives you three easy opens back to back to back. mavericks last night, whom the wizards have beaten once this year, three point game, jason kidd with the oop to make it a five point game. the wizards hang tough. miller does not miss beyond th
washington. >>> a consumer alert. toyota is halting the sale of eight models including the popular camry. it is a rare move by an automaker. we told you yesterday toyota knew of safety problems involving gas pedals but head tated on doing anything about it. now it stopped selling eight models until it figures out a way to fix the problems. the models affect ready the avalon, camry, corolla, matrix, rav4, sequoia and tundra. we have the list on the "living $mart" page on >>> it is five after the hour. time for a special "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a local company bucking a national trend. >> we always talk about how tough the real estate market is, right and selling your house lately may have been challenging but not impossible. in fact, it was an eye-popping year for one local real estate office. it is not like the good old day but long and foster agent thinks things could have been worse for the local real estate market. >> this is a pretty transient area. so a lot of people are moving in as well as people moving out. the truth of the matter is the dc ma
director. the controversy comes as the washington humane society works to renegotiate the contract with the district to continue to run the shelter. three people were injured when a portion of the wall of an auto zone store collapsed yesterday morning. it happened in the 3900 block of south capitol street in southeast. all three were treated for minor injuries. investigators say a combination of building materials, vibration from nearby roads and weather conditions over time might have caused the collapse. >>> tonight, parents in fairfax county will have another chance to speak out about the series of cuts being made within the school system. last night at jackson schools in falls church, students, parents and concerned community activists spoke out against the cuts. >> we need to have your support as we ask the board of supervisors to come up with the additional $57.8 million that will protect the kindergarten, band and class sizes. >> reporter: the hearing tonight is scheduled for 6:00. it will again be hill at jackson middle school. >>> some dc on -- council members say they are
analysts in each case. >>> credittenton could go before a grand jury this week. the washington examiner says he will be canned to testify about the supposed gun play inside the locker room. the case landed arenas on an indefinite suspension. crittenton is accused of pulling a loaded weapon on arenas as a joke. >>> have you seen this video, an emergency landing of a united airlines jet. everyone walked away safely. it was coming in from chicago yesterday morning. after an initial attempt to land the pilots noticed a problem, one of the wheels didn't deploy. they came back around again. the land was rough but safe. all 53 people on board were unhurt. passengers credit the pilot and crew. >> told us when the plane does land we need to exit a certain area, everybody was calm. it was relatively smooth landing. our hats are off to the pilots certainly, and here we are. >> reporter: the incident caused departing flights to be delayed an hour. those delays have since cleared up. >>> like a scene out of anchor man, we're on panda watch this morning. the giant pandas are in the mood for love and
freezing. that 32 you see take it with a grain of salt. 37 at dulles. 39 in washington. baltimore had 34. in the mid-40s today. cooler than we have been. patranya bhoolsuwan, what's going on the wet roads. >> wet roads for sure but better news as you can see. traffic is moving once again on 495 outer loop approaching river road due to an earlier disabled tractor-trailer off to the right shoulder. traffic is moving but delays here back to the split. in bethesda this morning, keeping track of an accident on bradley boulevard and barrett lane closed in both directions as police try to investigate the fatal crash. to get around this take glen brook to awe though bonn. and better news on 270. no incidents or accidents but low from father hurley to montross. a check on how 395 is doing. still slick. watch out and slow down as you make your way to your destination. 95 northbound to dale city and fairfax, a lot of cars are out there so watch out for wet roads and other drivers. >>> at the top of the hour we are following breaking news, the search for a suspected killer. virginia state police are
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